Periodontal Treatments

Non-Surgical Debridement

Non-surgical tooth debridement removes plaque and calculus (tartar) from above and below the gum line. The removal of the bacterial biofilm, allows the gums to heal and the inflammation to resolve. In most cases local anaesthesia will be administered. Our surgeons will encourage and specify the maintenance and review appointments based on the individual’s periodontal condition.

Surgical Debridement

Surgical periodontal debridement involves creating small incisions to fold back the gums to remove calculus in areas which are difficult to access which would not be possible using non-surgical means. This method also permits reshaping of the tissues if needed.

Periodontal Maintenance and Reviews

The most important factor in preserving the periodontal tissues is maintenance. Following periodontal treatment, our surgeons encourage that patients follow a routine maintenance protocol. The interval of maintenance will be based on the risk and susceptibility of the individual. At these appointments, maintenance will be carried out along with an assessment of the status of the periodontal tissues. If needed, our surgeons will encourage and promote a change in oral hygiene techniques to allow maximum benefit.